Handmade leather in Florence

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Nature needs time to give us its fruits, as well as care and attention to details need time to best express perfection: in a world where production is driven by compulsive speed, we decided to give value to time.


Florence is the natural scenario for our inspiration, since it has always been considered the spring of creativity, beauty and genius; as a lily (symbol of the city) it has been flourishing for centuries and it stimulates people of all ages and countries. Florence, together with the encounter of positive energies coming from all over the world, is the muse for our creations.


Derricks Firenze takes care of the production cycle in every detail, in order to minimize the impact on the ecosystem.

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Let’s reconsider the concept of time

Time, as the efforts of our artisans, of their hands, during the creation of unique masterpieces.
Time, as unique finalization of every single leatherwork (each of them different from the other)
Time, that makes our creations more and more beautiful, as it passes by.

Derricks Handmade leather in Florence


Vegetable tanning was born ages ago; it consists in a slow manufacturing process in full respect of nature.


Our model of production and energy consumption involves sharing, re-use and recycling.

Handmade leather in Florence